Bali Blinds (Springs Window Fashions)

Company Information: The most outstanding thing about Bali is that they grow and manufacture their own wood for their very popular wood blinds. This is out of the ordinary for the industry and provides them great respect from consumers as well as from their own competitors. Bali creates inspirational blinds that are one of a kind. Bali’s designs are more modern and original than those of many of Bali’s competitors and that makes them a favorite among the brand’s core demographic, Do-It-Yourselfers. Bali offers the tagline “your home, your style” and what they mean is that, “Bali is the right brand for those consumers who choose to live life their own way, not following the broader, more beaten path.”  With a line of do-it-yourself projects, you can measure your windows, buy the blinds wanted, and in no time, hang them on your own for a beautiful new look. This type of product allows you to hang blinds with confidence, while enjoying professional looking results.

Bali offers one of the most popular horizontal blind products on the market. Also popular is their one-half inch micro aluminum. This size blind slat is small but the design is perfect for a contemporary style room.

Bali is part of Springs Window Fashions, a North American company with offices in the United States and manufacturing plants in Mexico. Springs Window Fashions is committed to environmentally responsible business practices. Additionally, all of their Eco-friendly claims are supported by solid statistics. To learn more about Bali’s Green by Nature program, see their website.

From their website: Bali provides solutions.  From which style to choose and where to shop, to instructions on measuring, these solutions come from understanding the consumer’s needs – even before they come through the retailer’s door. Bali instills confidence.  Consumers can be sure they made the right choice, no matter what Bali window treatment they’ve chosen.

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Where to buy Bali Blinds
Bali Blinds can be purchased at these retailers:
The Home Depot
JC Penny

Bali Blinds can be purchased online from these affiliates: