Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades is a term loosely used to refer to other window blinds products that are made from natural materials such as hemp, jutes, reeds, and grass. Did you know that bamboo shades have been in use since the time of ancient Egypt? Pharaohs had been said to have used window blinds made of reeds to protect themselves against the glare of the Egyptian.

Bamboo shades can exude charm from the inside as well as outside your home. And they’re not only meant for Asian-inspired interiors; they can be partnered with any kind of furnishings.

Currently, there is a growing popularity of Asian-inspired home architecture and décor.  And this is because of the aesthetic appeal of indigenous materials and motifs artistically utilized in Asian architecture and furnishings. Asian hardwoods such as teak and mahogany and the versatile bamboo are rarely absent in the overall designs of furniture and architecture.

Yes, bamboo is a type of grass. In Asia, it is a food source for both humans and animals, specifically for those cute pandas in China.  Bamboo is also used for decorative and practical purposes. Its timber is flexible and durable and is now in great demand as alternative flooring and walling material. Its timber is also popular for window blinds and shades.

bamboo-blindsBamboo is used for various window blinds styles.  A roman shade, for example, can utilize bamboo and such other material to emit that inviting ambiance of a resort home.  And the good thing about bamboo is it’s an environmentally-friendly alternative for building material. If selectively harvested, it won’t need replanting as shoots would grow to replenish. It’s also a fast grower; compared to hardwoods and softwoods that could take five to 10 years before they can harvested, bamboo could provide good timber within three to five years.

Versatility is what bamboo shades could offer you.  For total privacy, you could choose shades which are privacy-lined; i.e., fabrics are incorporated to mute or completely eliminate incoming light. And although bamboo shades are made from traditional materials, modern technology has integrated functionality with this window craft products. Unlike the ancient Egyptians, you could enjoy more than just the rudiments of window shades.