How to Clean Horizontal Blinds

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There are several different ways to clean horizontal blinds, but some methods just aren’t worth the trouble than others. If you spot clean them often so the blinds don’t build up the grease, dust, or grime your just will be much easier. It’s far less work to dust often now and then than have to take them down and give them a complete cleaning. Here are some of the ways in which you can clean your horizontal window blinds.

The easiest: Cleaning Dusty Blinds

The easiest and fastest way to dust off your blinds is with a special bush such as this one. If your blinds are not exposed to cigarettes or a lot of outdoor dirt or dust, then you should just be able to brush them off every now and then to keep them looking great. Flip the slats in order to get both sides clean when you are cleaning them so you will keep everything looking like new. Keep you vacuum handy to get any extra dirt that may be in the corners of the window frame. Also, use the vacuum to clean the brush so the dust doesn’t build up on the cleaning pads.

A little more work: Clean Horizontal Blinds that are Moderately Dirty

If your horizontal blinds are more than dusty but are not grimy, you can wash them without removing them from the window. You may just have to go over the soiled areas with a damp soft cloth and then brush or vacuum the dust from the major areas of the blinds. If your blinds are exposed to cigarette smoke, do this often. The smoke will leave a sticky yellow film that covers the blinds and attracts even more dust.

Two options for Blinds that are Very Dirty

Depending on how far gone your shades are, replacement may be the best option. Replacing shades is not that much work, you’ll have the cleanest shades possible and if you shop at a discount retailer such as Blind Saver you will not spend that much money. If you go with cleaning them your best option is to just take them down from the window. You can then either take them outside and wash them down with the garden hose or, depending on the size, put them in water in the bathtub. Either method will loosen the most stubborn dirt or grease and grime and allow you to wipe them down. You can usually just use a mild detergent, such as the kind you use to wash dishes. Be careful not to get too much water in the top mechanical part of the shade – it was not made to get wet. Wipe them down with a cloth and then you can either hang them up to dry (not in the window) or dry them off yourself with a soft cloth. Make sure everything is completely dry before placing them back in the window.

For extra credit

If you have some extra time and energy, you might want to take the opportunity to wash your windows as well, especially if you are taking the blinds down. That way, both your windows and window blinds will be clean and you won’t have to come back and do the windows later.

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