Cordless Shades

Cordless ShadeFor most people the traditional window treatment consists of a plastic or wood blind with slats, strings, and pull cords. Though this is sufficient for those that do not have children or pets, those households with small children and pets may benefit from new designs that do not utilize pull cords. Cordless Window Shades are essentially window shades that do not feature cords to either retract or expand them. This could mean roll shades that rely on pulleys and springs to retract and expand them, shades that use cranks or buttons, and even those shades that use remotes to retract and expand them. These cordless shades are at once beautiful and great for those that want a modern look when it comes to their shades.

The Window Covering Safety Council has plenty to say about this relatively new type of window covering. With cordless shades it is much easier to have window coverings without worrying about whether or not your child is going to get hurt by the cords. The Window Covering Safety Council is a huge backer of this type of window covering for several reasons. First off, without cords there is no need to hide, secure, or move cords to prevent strangulation or even loss of circulation in fingers and arms. Cordless shades are best because they completely remove the piece that makes window coverings so unsafe for children and pets. Though these shades are best, there are also other types of shades that have hidden cords, retractable cords, and more.

The most common cordless window blind is of course the retractable roller shade. This is the shade that relies on the swift downward motion of the person using them to encourage the shade to draw up. These shades are great for those that want a simple and easy shade. Another option is cellular shades. These rely on hidden cords and springs to keep the share safe as it is lowered and raised. Still another option is shades that have remote control systems and electric motors. These shades are great for those that want a completely automated option and do not want to fool with any manual manipulation. These are great for those high tech homeowners that want incredibly trendy shades. Any of the options above are fantastic and with some added time and effort, buyers can find tons of shade options that do not have cords and are therefore safer for children and animals.

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