Fabric Vertical Blinds

vertical-blindsBig, beautiful glass windows and French doors are always in vogue when it comes to home designs. The idea of having large, see-through windows and doors is to let in natural light and have unfettered view of the surrounding landscapes. But you know very well that they can also pose some problems to your privacy and furnishings.  Harsh sunlight can wear out your favorite sofa and exotic carpeting. Fortunately, there are ways to solve both problems.

You can try fabric verticals. The soft flow and warm appeal of fabric verticals can easily blend with any design scheme, whether at your commercial space or right at your own home.  Fabric verticals can afford you practical and aesthetic solution to your window problem.  They can accentuate your painted wall or wallpaper at home, or they can creatively contrast with the monochromatic furnishings in your office. Fabric verticals can also save you money on your electric bills as they keep your interiors cool on hot summer days, or insulate your space during the cold season.

Fabric verticals are available in wide ranging textures, colors, and styles. And unlike most window treatments, fabric verticals can give your space that homey and warm ambiance. And you need not worry about its operation as they are upgrades available for you such as motorized tilt and glide systems.

You can treat your fabric vertical blinds as you would your ordinary drapery. They can be parted from the center and bundled on both sides to perfectly frame your windows. Or they can be drawn from one side and stack as a panel.

Cleaning your fabric verticals can be a tiresome and annoying chore, but you very well know that you have to do it. The best way to clean fabric blinds is to take them down. You need ammonia, detergent, warm water, and a scrub brush.  If you don’t have clotheslines, improvise where you can hang up your verticals. Brush with the solution then you can rinse with your garden hose.  Vinegar can also be an effective cleaning agent. Vinegar can get rid of stubborn stains and foul smells as it is used as a bleach, disinfectant, deodorant, and anti-mold agent.

Another highly recommended way is with the use of the reliable washing machine.  Take the window blinds off their hooks. Fill washtub with cold water, use detergent according to the fabric’s specifications.  Bear in mind to use the delicate cycle as fraying or tangling may occur.