Faux Wood Blinds

You’ve got two primary goals when you window dress – privacy and aesthetics. Understandably, you wouldn’t want your neighbors to know every domestic activity you carry out. Secondly, you buy window blinds to enhance the beauty and coziness of your home.  You could make your windows as points of interests of your interior design scheme. Your window treatment would also amplify the charm of the exterior of your space, drawing onlooker’s eyes to your artistically-framed windows.

Faux wood blinds could easily provide you your much needed privacy and security as they shield you from the eyes of those people outside. As the name implies, these ‘wood’ blinds are not really made of wood. Faux wood blinds could either be made form composite wood materials and vinyl, or solely from PVC.  PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a durable and flexible construction component extensively used in plumbing or electrical fixtures and other industrial materials.

There are significant advantages of faux wood blinds over wood blinds.  Foremost of these is cost. For those on a budget that want the look of wood blinds faux blinds made be the right choice. They are much cheaper and easier to assemble than their natural wood counterpart.

Another advantage of faux wood blinds over authentic wooden blinds is they offer durability. If you’re planning to place faux wood blinds in a kitchen or a bathroom, it’s a better option for you.  Mildew, moisture, humidity, and fluctuations in temperature could damage real wood blinds made from hardwood. These elements could easily cause costly defects like staining and rotting. Some faux wood products available in the market today have ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors that assure further protection against harsh sun rays.

Maintenance is another advantage.  Faux wood blinds are easier to clean over any other window treatment products.  You could clean them just by dry dusting or using damp rag and your ordinary household detergent. These are the ideal window treatment for you if you have kids at home. Stains or marks left on them by your kids could easily be wiped off.  On real wood blinds, this would not be possible since washing them could cause damage the finishing, or worse it could cause timber warping.