Make Old Plantation Shutters New Again

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Plantation shutters are beautiful window treatments for both the outside and inside of your home but they can become an ugly distraction when in need of repair or just paint. Before you get rid of your shutters, look to see if they can be repaired or updated for a whole new look. Keep reading from some ways you can keep that set of shutters without replacing them.

Repairing Wood Shutters

If the louvers or slats on your plantation shutters have broken or you are missing one or more and if the shutter frame is still in good condition then it makes sense to repair the shutter. To repair the slat then you will just need to buy a spring loaded pin that will facilitate easy reattachment of the louver to the panel. Here is an example. If you’re unable to repair the broken slat, then you can remove it and purchase a new slat or a shutter repair kit, which will include everything you need to reattach the louver. Don’t let one missing shutter slat ruin the entire shutter when it is so easy to repair.

If your plantation shutters are no longer staying closed, you may need to replace broken shutter magnets or shutter buttons. Here is an example. You can easily purchase these replacement parts and the only tool you will need is a screwdriver. Or, sometimes a simple hook and eye is all you need. Look in the hardware department of your local home improvement store.

 Painting Wood Shutters

If your wood shutters are looking drab and tired, it is time to repaint them. To start, you’ll need to take them down and remove any hardware that is attached to the shutters. Do NOT fall to the temptation to save time by painting them in place. Taking them down is the only way to get a professional looking job. Before you begin to paint, you will need to thoroughly clean the shutters. Some people prefer to spray paint the shutters because it is easy to get around all the corners. I used a power painter such as this one. Let the paint dry thoroughly between coats and either use new hardware or clean up the old hardware if possible. One tip is that you may need larger screws when rehanging the shutters. Once again, your local home improvement store will have them.

When painting, plantation shutters can easily be changed to go with any décor. Whenever you redecorate, you can revamp the color of your old shutters to match your new décor without going to a lot of expense. Often, you can find wood shutters at flea markets and thrift stores that just need a little TLC to be made new again. Even if some of the shutter pins or slats are missing, repairing shutters is usually pretty easy and inexpensive. Repairing or repainting plantation shutters makes a great do it yourself project and is just right for a weekend project.

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