How to Measure Your Windows

We hope the following window blind measuring information provides you with the necessary tools to measure window blinds whether they are vinyl, wood, cellular or aluminum. Most blinds are available in a variety of slat widths. Popular slat width sizes include 1/2-inch micro, 1-inch mini, 2-inch, and 2-1/2 inch with some manufacturers having slight variations and/or larger widths available. Inside mounting of your window blinds as described below requires you to take special care when measuring and choosing the slat size for ordering your window blinds online.

Measuring For Your Horizontal Window Blinds

When measuring your windows please use a metal tape measure or other non-flexible measuring device to insure accuracy of your measurements. There are two basic mounting methods for your window blinds – inside mount and outside mount.

blinds-shades_clip_image005Measuring Outside Mounted Blinds: Outside mounted blind hardware is positioned and mounted to your window casing in most instances. When measuring for your outside mounted window blinds make sure to measure where your blinds will be mounted and positioned from. Outside mounted blinds require only the width and length. All window blind measurements are taken to 1/8-inch accuracy.




blinds-shades_clip_image007Measuring Inside Mounted Blinds: Inside mounted window blinds require more precise measurements and also require you to take into consideration these measurements when choosing your desired blind slat width/size. The length or height measurements should be taken from the left, middle, and right sides between the window jamb header and the window sill. Inside mounted blind hardware is mounted directly to the inside of the window jamb. When measuring the inside width of your blinds make sure to measure at the top, middle and bottom opening of the window jamb. Measuring in these three places may give you different measurements as not all windows and their jambs are square.