MechoShade Systems, Inc

Company Information: In 1968-1969, MechoShade Corp, then known as HomeCraft Drapery and Upholstery Corp, provided all types of window coverings, for commercial and residential projects; draperies, curtains, Venetian and Vertical blinds. Then they took on a new project that had window wall problems. Among other issues, the shading system could not traverse, and stack in the window bay, but had to rise into a pocket in the ceiling. The typical solution would have been a Venetian blind that stacked in the pocket; however the company Chairman requested another solution. Thus, HomeCraft developed a “flat drapery” that was exactly the size required for the window. They developed an operating system that featured a roll up shade with a looped bead chain and fabric that was custom sized to the correct width of the windows with a single thickness of fabric. The result was the creation of the original manual roller solar shade system which was named MechoShade®.

Since that time, MechoShade Systems, Inc. has continued to pioneer new developments in solar shading, including ThermoVeil® and EuroVeil® shade cloth lines. If energy efficient solar shading and visual comfort in conjunction with the more efficient use of natural resources is your priority, you may find MechoShade to be a good option.