Roller Shades

roller-shadesRoller shades are type of window blinds made of vinyl and fabric attached to spring rollers, mounted to the inside of window casement or frame.  A fusion of fashion and functionality – this is what roller shades can give your home space.  Roller shades, also called roll shades or roll up shades, can add aesthetic flair to your windows. This type of window blind is one of the top choices when it comes to layered window treatments.

It’s your choice – give your windows personality according to your whim. You can have the flamboyant styles and vibrant hues.  You can treat your windows with a mellow touch – pastel colors, sheer fabric, simple designs. You can opt for a retro or contemporary look, or decide on more exotic designs the complement your Asian-inspired decor.

These shades come with an assortment of fabric types from opaque to translucent materials. Depending on your preference and need, you can choose from sheer to translucent fabrics that can offer you aesthetics though not much privacy. These fabrics could only tone down light. If you want your privacy secured, go for the heavily colored and textured designs or for the opaque roller shades.

One of the top options for opaque shades is the solar shade fabrics. These fabrics are gaining popularity for health considerations because they filter out the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Moreover, they offer optimum protection for your favorite pieces of furniture and flooring. These shades can also protect your electronic gadgets such as your TV and PC sets from the sun’s harsh glare.

There are also room darkening shade fabrics which are ideal for adequate light control. Or if you want absolute privacy, choose the blackout style; this style totally screens out incoming light.

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, roller shades are in great demand nowadays because they lower energy consumption through the use of natural light and their insulating capabilities.

There have also been several technological advancements incorporated on this type of window blinds.  For easier operation, there is now the so-called bi-directional clutch system.  Basically, this system has come about because of the advent of large-sized and relatively heavier shades, generally used in commercial spaces.  This system offers mechanical advantage because of the presence of internal gears for smooth operation of roller shades. The bi-clutch system is meant to replace the ratchet and pawl mechanism which requires manual handling of shade material.