Roman Shades

If you enjoyed privacy, but loves natural light coming in you can accentuate your windows with shades that don’t hamper your view of the outside. You can decide on Roman shades to dress up your windows. They are one of the top favorites for window blinds, and they can be your creative repartee to your privacy problem. Let in natural light but keep your privacy at the same time with Roman shades that are of sheer fabric or of natural weaving materials. Roman shades are of various looks and appeals: Flat, structured flat, soft/teardrop/waterfall, balloon, relaxed and still many others.  Some styles are composites of the different styles.

Roman shades are drawn up from the bottom through the use of cords or strings. Traditionally, Roman shades create horizontal folds when they are raised.  When completely lowered, the panels are flat fully covering the window and offering utmost privacy. However, with different styles emerging this definition of Roman shades could no longer be true.

Flat roman shades are the preferred style when using patterned fabrics.  Because this style has no horizontal seams or stitching, you could achieve continuous and complete picture of the patterns. Flat roman shades can give you that clean and uncluttered look.