Warm Window Insulated Shade Company

Company Information: Since purchasing Window Quilt, The Warm Company has made great strides towards reviving and updating the former Window Quilt line.  The following was taken from the former Window Quilt Website, “We are anxious to release the new Warm Window Roller Shade and the Warm Window Custom Program. The new shades will combine the features of Window Quilt such as track and battens with a simpler hardware system from Roll-Ease along with beautiful new fabrics and quilt patterns. Measuring, manufacturing and installing the new shades will be much easier without compromising energy efficiency. Warm Window Custom will offer a new Summer Shade and the highly anticipated Warm Window Roller Shade. Warm Window shades dramatically reduce heat loss through windows making rooms comfortable and cozy in all types of weather. These shades also darken rooms during the day and the insulating capacity reduces noise pollution from outside sources. Window Blinds are available in Roman shades, hobbled shades, balloon shades or side-draw shades.”