Window Shutters

A window shutter is a type of window blinds that is characterized by solid, rigid, and erect window covering panel. It consists of side rungs, and louvers or slats, and top and bottom rails. The rails could be wooden or made of metal. Shutters fitted with louvers or slats are one of the most attractive ways to screen your interiors from the outside. The louvers could be made from different materials like plastic, metal, and timber. Timber shutters are the most popular type of window shutters. However, shutters made from PVC are currently gaining popularity over wood shutters because of durability. Natural timber could easily suffer defects such as splitting and rotting.

Exterior shutters are predominantly used in areas that experience extreme weather conditions such as high winds and heavy rains.  There are the so-called hurricane shutters or storm shutters, which are primarily for protection during the occurrence of hurricanes.

Interior shutters are typically hinged on the either side of windows to be completely shut or opened. Their louvers could either be movable or stationary. Movable louvers could be rotated open or close for your light control and privacy concerns.

Most homeowners prefer window shutters over window blinds because they offer privacy and security, unlike most window treatment products. They could also create atmospheric moods as they can diffuse lighting coming from the outside, or can allow sunshine to bathe your bedroom to wake you up in the mornings.