Wood Blinds

Nothing beats the natural look.  This is why wood blinds are still in great demand nowadays despite the presence of much cheaper yet unnatural window blinds alternatives, (faux blinds). This is because wood blinds could easily complement any interior décor.. Wood blinds never go out of style, and they give that warm and inviting look for your house every time. Wood blinds are made from such hardwoods as oak, cherry, and pine.

Safety is also another factor why many still opt for this traditional window blind design.  Most window blinds products are made from plastics and other synthetic materials and this could cause health hazards to consumers as well as to the environment. That is not the case with wood blinds.

If you desire maximum privacy, then wood blinds are the perfect window treatment for you.  And you could choose from among numerous styles of window blinds catering to eclectic home fashion and design.  They are also in various sizes that could fit any window, and are quite easy to install. If, however, you have unique window shapes and sizes there is nothing to fuss about.  You could order window blinds custom-made according to your requirements.  Custom-made wood blinds are comparatively costly compared to stock or standard sizes. Also, you have to wait for a longer period before finishing your window dressing. Measuring, and installing custom wood blinds should carried out by a professional.

When buying window blinds, always consider where you are going to put them up.  Different parts of your home might require different type of window treatment.  Wood blinds, for example, might not be suitable in your kitchen and bathroom where moisture and mildew could pose problems. These elements could cause staining and other damages to the hardwood.